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Free Solar System

Posted by Trevor May on 12 July 2017


Completely rewiring your home , spending over $10K...

and you RECEIVE a free solar system!

Adelite Electrical Contractors are a Family owned SA Business with over 30 years' experience providing exceptional Electrical and Solar Services to the local community.

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Are you looking for a high quality split air con system?

Posted by Adelite on 11 August 2014

Adelite can help!

Adelite now install Split system air conditioning!

Split systems are one of the most versatile and cost effective ways of air conditioning a single room or area, providing cooling in summer and heating in winter.

The units are compact, quiet and very discreet. Operation is via a wireless remote control which offer a host of features depending on brand and model
Fujitsu air con system specials

Fully installed prices:

2.5kw cool, 3.2kw heat..........$1900

3.5kw cool, 3.7kw heat.........$2000

5kw cool, 6kw heat..........$2400

6kw cool, 7.2kw heat..........$2600

7.1kw cool, 8kw heat..........$2800

8 kw cool, 8kw heat..........$3500

9.2kw cool, 10kw heat..........$3800

Contact Adelite NOW for your free in home consultation!

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Dont sell your Solar Power, Store it!

Posted by Adelite on 2 May 2014
Dont sell your Solar Power, Store it!

Why should you pay more for your power, than you can sell it for?

For solar systems installed after 30th december 2011, you are paid 16c or less (as low as 7.6c) for every KWH you sell back to the grid, but are charged, on average 24c to buy the same power back!

How is this fair?

Adelite installs battery back up packs to your existing solar system, that charge up during the day, and you use that power overnight, excluding the need to buy overpriced power back from the grid!

Additionally, feed in tarrifs of 22c and below are only gaurenteed untill 2016, in which, it is thought, South Australia will be brought into line with other Australian states, who get paid ZERO for anything fed into the grid.

Contact Adelite Electrical today for a free, in home, consultation, to discuss how battery back up systems will benefit you.

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Want a USB Powerpoint?

Posted on 22 April 2014
Want a USB Powerpoint?

Adelite are now installing USB powerpoints

Has your household got multiple iphones or ipods? Kids always taking the chargers? Always searching for the charger? Solve the battle and replace a few of your power points with USB powerpoints, ideal for the kitchen bench, bedside the bed, in the bathroom or office

The twin USB powered 5 Volt ports are perfect for charging current mobile phones, including the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, ipads, ipods,etc. No longer do you need those bulky charging transformers that take up too much room on the powerpoint or go missing. Your device plugs straight into the USB socket on the power point and leaves the two 240V plugs free for your normal home appliances.

Contact Adelite NOW to have your installed today!

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Free Solar System

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  Completely rewiring your home , spending ...

Are you looking for a high quality split air con system?

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Adelite can help! Adelite now install Split syst...

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