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GivEnergy Battery

The best home battery on the market!

All in One

The ultimate home battery, at an accessible price

Meet the solution transforming home battery storage

With the All in One, you can power even the highest-demand households with maximum efficiency, minimum energy costs.

Power your home for a fraction of the cost

With a minimalist piece of kit, you can save up to 85% on your energy bills. And, in the process, you can drastically cut your home’s carbon emissions.

The All in One stores energy from renewables, such as solar, wind, or hydro. Or, it can simply use the grid to charge overnight when energy costs are low. You can then use that stored energy to power your home cheaply, sustainably, and independently.


Your product is sleek, compact, and easy to install


Provides enough power to run even the most high demand devices


High quality performance, at an accessible price point

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