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Trevor's Tips

Most Common Call Outs

This would be from safety switches tripping. Sometimes this can be traced to a faulty appliance, such as an old fridge, found to be shorting out to its outer metallic casing, or water leaking into an outside light after a downpour of rain. A safety switch operating correctly will reduce the risk of electric shocks.

Home Remedy

If you heat your water electrically, consider changing to a heat pump for your hot water. Some brands claim to be up to 70 per cent more efficient than the standard hot water service and with rebates still on offer, this can be an affordable project to consider. With electricity prices on the rise, a wise investment would be to install solar panels to reduce or eliminate your power bill. With government rebates being reduced again, for PV installations, now is a good time to think about solar.

Your Favourite Tool

If i had to choose one tool, it would be my battery operated Makita 18V drill. It's a tough drill used for high torque screw driving and drilling in awkward spaces not suited to its corded equivalent.

Biggest mistake people make

Just because it works, it doesn't mean it's safe. Poor or incorrect wiring can present dangers of electrocution and fires. Ensure you are in receipt of your Electrical Compliance Certificate from your electrician after the job has been completed. The electrician has a duty of care to highlight any electrical defects on the Electrical Complaince Certificate that were noticed while working in your home.

Best thing to ask

Ask to see a sample of the installers work. Most installers have photographs readily available of work completed. Also ask to see their electrical licence and Clean Energy Council Accreditation status. Warranties on products and workmanship will also give you the peace of mind you seek when investing in either solar installation or any electrical work including rewiring.



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